Degussa fosters Professorship in Organic Synthetic Methods / Prof. Magnus Rüping follows call to Frankfurt on Main University

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Yesterday, Prof. Magnus Rüping (32) held his inaugural lecture inconnection with the Professorship in Organic Synthetic Methodsendowed on Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt on Main byDegussa AG of Dusseldorf, Germany. Dr. Alfred Oberholz, DegussaManagement Board Member responsible for Research and Development,stated: "We are very pleased to have gained Prof. Magnus Rüping forthe endowment professorship. His appointment enables us topurposefully expand our collaboration with Johann Wolfgang GoetheUniversity."

Degussa is supporting the C3-professorship for a period of fiveyears, thus supporting the training of future scientists as well asthe cooperation of science and industry at the university's Chemicaland Pharmaceutical Sciences Department.

Rüping studied chemistry and food chemistry in Berlin, Dublin undZurich and went on to obtain his Ph.D. in 2002 at the Seebach groupat the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry at the Swiss Federal Instituteof Technology in Zurich, after which he joined the Evans group at theDepartment of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.His research work mainly focuses on the possibilities offered byorganic synthetic methods in practical application.

"This appointment is a great opportunity - both for myself and interms of strengthening teaching and research in organic syntheticmethods in Frankfurt," emphasized Rüping. "Both sides - theuniversity and Degussa as the endowing company - will be profitingfrom the collaboration."

The main emphasis of the endowment professorship will be placed onthe development and use of synthetic approaches to solving chemical,biological and physical problems. In the process, the training of anew generation of scientists is to be supplemented byinterdisciplinary project work.

Extensive promotion of the sciences

In financing the new endowment professorship, Degussa iscontinuing its longstanding involvement with Johann Wolfgang GoetheUniversity, where it has been promoting the cooperation of scienceand the chemical industry by means of endowed visiting professorshipssince 1986. Noted scientists, including the Nobel Laureate Prof.Richard Ernst, have followed calls from Frankfurt to conduct researchand present their work in lecture form - a concept that has proved tobe outstandingly successful.

The new Professorship for Organic Synthetic Methods is one of thefour endowment professorships that Degussa is currently supportingwith ¤6 million altogether in funds. Above and beyond this, numerousDegussa executives work as honorary professors at variousuniversities.

Degussa particularly engages in university teaching via itsFoundation, which provides financial support to doctoral candidates,postdoctoral students and other academic staff in the form ofscientific research scholarships and project support.

Degussa is a multinational corporation consistently aligned tohighly profitable specialty chemistry. In fiscal 2003, its 47,000employees generated sales of ¤11.4 billion and operating profits(EBIT) of ¤878 million, making it Germany's third-largest chemicalcompany and the global market leader in specialty chemicals.Innovative products and system solutions enable Degussa to play avaluable and indispensable role in the success of its customers, assummed up by our claim "creating essentials".

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Degussa fosters Professorship in Organic Synthetic Methods / Prof. Magnus Rüping follows call to Frankfurt on Main University