Theriak Software Adopted at Central Pharmacy in Germany

Reykjavik, Iceland (ots/PRNewswire) - Theriak MedicationManagement, a software system from TM Software for use in healthcareoperations, went into commission yesterday at a central hospitalpharmacy in Bottrop, a city in the Rühr district in Germany. Thepharmacy serves hospitals in the nearby cities of Oberhausen andGelsenkirchen, which together have about five hundred in-patientbeds. Spokesmen at the pharmacy say this will make it a leader withinEurope as regards distribution, handling and use of drugs within thehealthcare system. The adoption of the system is also expected toraise safety in the handling of medications and cut operating costsby about 15% per year in comparison with other hospital pharmacies.

High hopes are attached to the opening of the pharmacy: it wasreported at the beginning of this year in the German media that about20,000 patients die each year in Germany as a result of incorrectmedication.

Jürgen van Gessel, director of the pharmacy in Bottrop, said itwas the first of its type in Germany to adopt the Theriak MedicationManagement system. He expects it to be adopted in many otherinstitutions in Germany in the future, as it raises hospital safetyand avoids the danger of incorrect medication.

Those present at the formal inauguration of the system includedthe German Minister of Health and Social Affairs and local governmentand healthcare institution officials from Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop andOberhausen. Two representatives of TM Software, the companyCEO-President, Fridrik Sigurdsson, and Axel Omarsson, General Managerof TM Software in Europe, were also present at the opening of thepharmacy.

Theriak Medication Management is a specially-designed softwaresolution for the healthcare sector, focussing on the distribution,handling and administration of medications in healthcareinstitutions. It is intended to raise safety levels in medication,improve operational efficiency in hospitals and pharmacies and ensureproper handling of data. TM Software has already begun installing theTheriak system in six medical institutions in Germany.

TM Software operates branches in 12 countries, serving over 1,500customers all over the world. It employs about 400 people. It is aleader in software consultation and the development and operation ofsoftware, offering a varied range of solutions in collaboration withsome of the world's most highly respected IT companies.

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Contact:For further information, please contact: Gorden Wehberg, General Manager of TM Software in Germany, tel. +49-(0)-2351-954574.

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Theriak Software Adopted at Central Pharmacy in Germany