BioWa and Medarex Announce Expansion of Licensing Agreement for BioWa's Potelligent(TM) Technology

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- BioWa Grants the Second Potelligent(TM) Antibody TechnologyLicense to Medarex

BioWa, Inc. and Medarex, Inc. (Nasdaq: MEDX) today announced thatBioWa has granted a second license to Medarex to use BioWa'sPotelligent(TM) Technology for the enhancement of antibody-dependentcellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). Medarex plans to use the PotelligentTechnology to enhance the ADCC function of selected Medarexantibodies for potential therapeutic applications, including cancer.The agreement provides Medarex with nonexclusive commercial rights todevelop antibodies for an undisclosed number of targets. In return,BioWa will receive license fees, and could receive milestone paymentsand royalties on products developed by Medarex. Detailed licensingterms/financial terms were not disclosed.

"We are very pleased to announce the expansion of our relationshipwith Medarex, and to have Potelligent Technology combined withMedarex's human antibody technology and pipeline of therapeuticproducts," said Dr. Nobuo Hanai, President and CEO of BioWa. "Webelieve this second license agreement supports the use of ourPotelligent Technology as a method for enhancement of ADCC and itsability to deliver more highly potent antibodies for more effectiveclinical response. We believe that working with Medarex, a leadinghuman therapeutic antibody company, is key to advancing the goals ofBioWa to bring about safe and more effective treatments for cancerand other life-threatening and debilitating diseases."

"We are very excited about the promise of utilizing thePotelligent Technology for the generation of potentially moreefficacious antibodies," said Donald L. Drakeman, President and CEOof Medarex.

About Potelligent Technology

Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) activity is animportant function of the human immune system, whereby immune cellscan kill target cells, e.g. cancer cells. ADCC activity is onemechanism of some already launched anticancer therapeutic antibodieson the market today. Enhancement of this activity is in the spotlightas one promising possibility for the next generation of antibodytechnology.

Potelligent(TM) Technology involves the reduction of the amount offucose in the carbohydrate structure of an antibody. Research showsthat Potelligent(TM) Technology significantly enhances bindingaffinity of antibodies for Fc receptors and increases ADCC activityin vitro. One potential benefit of Potelligent(TM) derivedtherapeutic antibodies is greater tumor cell killing activity thanwith conventional antibodies.

About BioWa

BioWa is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co, Ltd.,Japan's leading pharmaceutical and largest biotech company. BioWa isthe exclusive worldwide licensor of Potelligent(TM) Technology.Potelligent(TM) Technology creates high antibody-dependent cellularcytotoxicity (ADCC) monoclonal antibodies. ADCC is a criticalfunction of the immune system that enhances the ability of antibodiesto kill tumor cells. The enhancement of ADCC is seen up to 100 foldin vitro. BioWa is currently developing ADCC enhanced monoclonalantibody-based therapeutics to fight cancer and otherlife-threatening and debilitating diseases and both BioWa and Kyowahave Potelligent(TM) antibody products in various clinical stages.BioWa creates and develops enhanced ADCC antibodies for itself andothers, offering a full range of antibody discovery and developmentcapabilities. For more information about BioWa visit its web site athttp://www.biowa.com.

About Medarex, Inc.

Medarex is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery,development and potential commercialization of fully humanantibody-based therapeutics to treat life-threatening anddebilitating diseases, including cancer, inflammation, autoimmunedisorders and infectious diseases. Medarex applies its UltiMAb(R)technology and product development and clinical manufacturingexperience to generate, support and potentially commercialize a broadrange of fully human antibody product candidates for itself and itspartners. Twenty-three of these therapeutic product candidatesderived from Medarex technology are currently in human clinicaltesting, with two of the most advanced product candidates presentlyin Phase III clinical trials. Medarex is committed to building valueby developing a diverse pipeline of antibody products to address theworld's unmet healthcare needs. For more information about Medarex,visit its website at http://www.medarex.com.

For Medarex: Except for the historical information presentedherein, matters discussed herein may constitute forward-lookingstatements that are subject to certain risks and uncertainties thatcould cause actual results to differ materially from any futureresults, performance or achievements expressed or implied by suchstatements. Statements that are not historical facts, includingstatements preceded by, followed by, or that include the words"potential"; "believe"; "anticipate"; "intend"; "plan"; "expect";"estimate"; "could"; "may"; or similar statements are forward-lookingstatements. Medarex disclaims, however, any intent or obligation toupdate these forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertaintiesinclude risks associated with product discovery and development,uncertainties related to the outcome of clinical trials,uncertainties related to product manufacturing as well as risksdetailed from time to time in Medarex's public disclosure filingswith the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including itsAnnual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31,2004 and subsequent Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q. There can be noassurance that such development efforts will succeed or that otherdeveloped products will receive required regulatory clearance orthat, even if such regulatory clearance were received, such productswould ultimately achieve commercial success. Copies of Medarex'spublic disclosure filings are available from its investor relationsdepartment.

Potelligent(TM) is the trademark of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd.;Medarex(R), the Medarex logo and UltiMAb(R) and are trademarks ofMedarex, Inc. All rights are reserved.

Web site: http://www.biowa.com

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Contact:Medarex, Inc.: Laura S. Choi, Investor Relations, +1-609-430-2880, x2216, or Jean Mantuano, Corporate Communications (media), +1-609-430-2880, x2221; or BioWa, Inc.: Nobuo Hanai, Ph.D., Presidentand CEO, +1-609-580-7500, x7501, or Martina Molsbergen, Senior Director, Business Development, +1-609-580-7500, x7506

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BioWa and Medarex Announce Expansion of Licensing Agreement for BioWa's Potelligent(TM) Technology