Siemens Medical Solutions Standardizes On Astoria Software, Common Platform Speeds Delivery of Tech Data, Improves Ease of Use

Amsterdam, Netherlands (ots/PRNewswire) -

- XML Content Management System at Heart of New User-CentricSolution That Brings Consistency to Technical Documents Across 100sof Medical Products

Astoria Software, the leading provider of XML content managementsolutions, today announced that Siemens Medical Solutions isstandardizing on Astoria's content management software as part of anew system designed to streamline the creation, management anddistribution of user operating manuals and technical servicedocuments. Siemen's overall goal is to ensure the medical equipmentprovider delivers the highest quality product and technicalinformation to its customer service engineers (CSE) while enhancingproduct ease-of-use among its 60,000 end customers around the world.

Siemens Medical Solutions is presenting the initial results of itsnew technical information system at the Gilbane CMS Conference todayin Amsterdam.http://www.gilbane.com/conferences/Amsterdam_05_program.html .

Among the results is higher customer satisfaction, reduced costsin producing technical documents and less time in completing servicecalls.

Each year Siemens Medical Solutions produces thousands oftechnical documents with hundreds of thousands of pages of technicalcontent in multiple languages to support several hundred healthcareproducts. These products range from ultrasound and magnetic resonanceequipment to angiography and nuclear medicine devices.

"With so many different medical products in the market and so manyhealthcare professionals using more than one of our products at asingle location on a regular basis, we wanted to make itsignificantly easier for them to learn how to use our products andfor our CSEs to service them as quickly as possible," said UweDanner, Content Management Systems Project Manager of Siemens MedicalSolutions. "Now, by standardizing on Astoria and the rest of our newsystem, we have a common technical information platform, so ourcustomers and CSEs can quickly find out what they need to do and whatthey need to know to resolve a problem or get the most out of ourequipment, no matter what product they are using or working on."

Siemens Medical Solutions' goal in designing its new technicalinformation system was to reduce the material cost of producing andmanaging its technical information and documents; reduce the time ittook CSEs to service its many products; ensure that proper technicalinformation is available to customers and CSEs when new SiemensMedical Solutions products are shipped; and to increase overallcustomer satisfaction.

Siemens Medical Solutions initially deployed Astoria Classic asthe heart of its new technical information system in 2003 at a singlelocation addressing a small range of products and involving a limitednumber of technical documentation employees. Over the past year, ithas expanded its use to include multiple additional locations inEurope, China and the US. And now, as the standard platform, it willbe rolled out worldwide to address the 2,200 documents SiemensMedical Solutions prepares annually in numerous languages anddelivers in multiple digital and print formats.

"We share with Siemens Medical Solutions a strong belief that byseparating content from layout you can dramatically simplify andspeed the production of technical data regardless of its format,"said Tom Steding, CEO of Astoria Software. "Siemens MedicalSolutions' implementation of XML content management to achievesignificant business results exemplifies the power of adopting a boldcontent and document strategy."

Astoria Classic is an XML content management platform thatprovides flexible reuse of content at the component level. Itleverages the inherent flexibility of XML to store and manage contentwith specific knowledge of hierarchy and attributes, ensuring thestructural integrity and flexibility of content assets. It freescontent and structure from the rigid confines of relational tablesand provides the highest degree of flexibility for change, a majorrequirement of the new solution at Siemens Medical Solutions.

Astoria also provides version and variant management, clear audittrails, and document compare capabilities for change management. Itincludes built-in workflow, making it easy to track, manage andapprove content as it is developed and, because it is based on XML,Astoria Classic supports multiple formats and is completely outputindependent, which allows the delivery of content online or offline,on CD-ROM or printed materials.

Given the bold vision and broad affect its new informationmanagement solution would have across the organization, SiemensMedical Solutions turned to Lindau, Germany-based TANNER AG, asystems integration firm specializing in print and publishingsystems, to develop the solution's overall architecture.

About Siemens Medical Solutions

Siemens Medical Solutions of Siemens AG (NYSE: SI) withheadquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania and Erlangen, Germany, is oneof the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry in the world. Thecompany is known for bringing together innovative medicaltechnologies, healthcare information systems, management consulting,and support services, to help customers achieve tangible,sustainable, clinical and financial outcomes. Employing approximately31,000 people worldwide and operating in more than 120 countries,Siemens Medical Solutions reported sales of 7.07 billion EUR, ordersof 8.12 billion EUR and group profit of 1.05 billion EUR for fiscal2004. More information can be obtained by visitinghttp://www.usa.siemens.com/medical-pressroom .

About Astoria Software, Inc.

Astoria Software, Inc., is a leading provider of XML contentmanagement solutions for the dynamic publishing of business criticalinformation and documents. It provides the only author-centricpackaged software system that enables component-based contentmanagement to the smallest element level. This flexible approach tomanaging content enables Astoria customers to share, re-use andre-purpose information across thousands of complex documents for easyassembly and delivery. The company's more than 100 customers areprogressive organizations who publish complex business criticalinformation and documents that change constantly. Among them areCisco Systems, Texas Instruments, The Boeing Company, LockheedMartin, General Electrical Medical and Cessna Aircraft. Astoria isbased in San Mateo, Calif. (www.astoriasoftware.com)

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Siemens Medical Solutions Standardizes On Astoria Software, Common Platform Speeds Delivery of Tech Data, Improves Ease of Use