Exubera Hailed as Innovation In Prestigious European and American Awards

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- WSJ/Professor Pedro Nueno: "The drug could encourage diabetessufferers to get treatment earlier and more often. This has such atremendous advantage for a huge number of people worldwide. It is areal breakthrough."

- PharmaBarometer: "Despite only being launched into the Germanmarket in May 2006, it has been immediately endorsed bydiabetologists as the most innovative product of the year."

Pfizer announced today that Exubera, the world's first inhalable,non-injectable insulin, has garnered two prestigious awards forinnovation. In the United States, The Wall Street Journal recognizedExubera with the bronze award overall and first in the biotechnologyand medical category as a technological breakthrough. In Germany,Exubera was "immediately endorsed by diabetes experts as being themost innovative diabetes medicine of 2006," according to thehealthcare publication PharmaBarometer.

"At Pfizer, we take pride in developing innovative medicines thathelp people live healthier lives. Exubera is a perfect example ofmedical innovation because it is the first time in over 80 years thatpeople with diabetes have the option of using a non-injectableinsulin," said Dr. Michael Berelowitz, Pfizer Worldwide Medical. "Weknow the effective management of blood sugar control can helppatients avoid devastating diabetes complications such as blindness,amputation and kidney failure. Exubera offers patients an importantoption in starting and continuing their insulin therapy."

Exubera is the first insulin and biotechnology-based medicine totreat a systemic disorder that can be administered without aninjection. Exubera is the only inhaled insulin to be approved for usein clinical practice in the European Union, US, Brazil and Mexico,and it is under regulatory review in several other countries. Itsdevelopment took over 15 years and involved experts from diversescientific disciplines including biological, chemical, mechanical,manufacturing, fluid engineering, physics and even aeronauticalengineers. In addition to these awards, Exubera has also beenrecognized as an innovative therapy by the 2005 Yearbook ofEndocrinology, Popular Science ("Best of What's New" award) andPrevention magazine ("Eight Medical Breakthroughs").

About Exubera

Exubera is a rapid-acting powdered insulin that is inhaled throughthe mouth prior to eating, using the handheld Exubera(R) Inhaler. Theunique Exubera(R) Inhaler produces a standing cloud of insulinpowder, which is designed to pass rapidly into the bloodstream toregulate the body's blood sugar levels.

In the U.S., Exubera is approved for the treatment of adults withtype 1 or type 2 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar levels.In patients with type 2 diabetes, Exubera can be used alone or incombination with diabetes pills or longer-acting insulin. In patientswith type 1 diabetes, Exubera should be used in combination with alonger-acting insulin.

In the European Union, Exubera is indicated for the treatment ofadult patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus not adequatelycontrolled with oral anti-diabetic agents and requiring insulintherapy. Exubera is also indicated for the treatment of adultpatients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, in addition to long orintermediate acting insulin, for whom the potential benefits ofadding inhaled insulin outweigh the potential safety concerns.

Exubera is marketed by Pfizer and is a product of a developmentalcollaboration between Pfizer and Nektar Therapeutics.

Important Safety Information about Exubera

Patients should not take Exubera if they have poorly controlled orunstable lung disease, or if they smoke or have stopped smoking lessthan six months prior to starting Exubera treatment. If a patientstarts smoking or resumes smoking, he or she must stop using Exuberaand see a health care provider about a different treatment.

In clinical trials, mean treatment group differences betweenExubera and comparators showed that Exubera was associated withsmall, nonprogressive declines in lung function relative tocomparator treatments.

Before starting treatment with Exubera, a healthcare professionalwill carory out a simple test to check lung function. This will helpto find out if Exubera is the right treatment for individualpatients. Once a patient starts treatment, it is recommended that ahealth care provider check lung function again at six months andyearly thereafter.

Like all medicines, Exubera can cause side effects. As with allforms of insulin, a possible side effect of Exubera is low bloodsugar levels. Some patients have reported a mild cough while takingExubera, which tended to occur within seconds to minutes afterExubera inhalation. Coughing occurred less frequently as patientscontinued to use Exubera.

For more information about Exubera, please visithttp://www.Exubera.com.

Web site: http://www.pfizer.com http://www.Exubera.com

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Exubera Hailed as Innovation In Prestigious European and American Awards