GenOdyssee SA Announces Research Partnership With Baxter AG

Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - GenOdyssee S.A., a biotechnology companydedicated to the discovery of novel protein therapeutic products, hasentered into a research and development cooperation agreement withBaxter AG. GenOdyssee will use its unique intellectual propertyposition in the field of protein therapeutics, as well as itsproprietary technology and integrated processes, in the discovery ofnovel blood clotting factors. Under the agreement, any resultingcommercially viable products will be developed and brought to marketby Baxter AG.

"We are very proud that Baxter decided to choose GenOdyssee forthe discovery of novel therapeutic proteins that may in the futurepresent an important product in their portfolio," said Jean-LouisEscary, CEO of GenOdyssee. "Our unique science and Baxter's provenleadership in hemophilia are a winning combination, one which we hopewill bring important new products forward to help the hemophiliacommunity."

Financial terms and conditions of the agreement were notdisclosed.

About GenOdyssee, S.A.

GenOdyssee is an innovative drug discovery company that is seekingto leverage its unique strength in protein therapeutics and naturalgenetic variation technologies to bring important new medicines topatients. GenOdyssee uses a unique population genetics-based approachto the discovery of next generation protein therapeutics withsuperior properties. The company pioneered the vision that naturalevolution may have led to the generation in the current population ofunpredictable mutations that confer superior or novel therapeuticstatus to known human therapeutic proteins.

GenOdyssee's technology is IP protected and is the sole propertyof the company. The corresponding international patent applicationhas received the support from the European patent office regardingthe patentability and novelty of GenOdyssee's technology. Thetechnology is applicable to a very broad range of proteins ofpotential use in human therapy across many disease areas and mayprovide a wealth of next-generation protein therapeutics.

The company has applied such technology to the discovery ofnext-generation IFN alpha and EPO proteins, which allowed it todiscover 2 lead IFN alpha products, GEA007.1 and GEA009.2, forapplications in respectively, hepatitis C and immunotherapytreatments (vaccines and cancer), as well as a natural humanerythropoietin (EPO) mutant, named GO-EPO, with improved potencycompared to first generation human EPO alpha. In 2005 and 2006, theseproducts received international granting in the EU and USArespectively.

Recently, GenOdyssee extended the genetic diversity of itsproprietary collection of human DNA samples to 384 individuals whichcovers altogether >90% of the ethnic diversity of the humanpopulation. These genomes are screened for naturally occurring andinventive functionally relevant protein mutants using a stringentscreening procedure based on sophisticated bio-informatics includingfunctional annotation, molecular modeling calculations, andprediction of the mutation's impact on host protein structure.Expression and GLP production of selected protein variants areperformed, followed by extensive evaluation of their pharmacologicalproperties. Direct comparison is made between GenOdyssee's noveltherapeutic candidates and the reference "wild-type" proteins on themarket in models of human diseases.

The company has created an efficient, cost-saving driven, valuecreation model based on project management and outsourcing of itsproprietary and integrated drug discovery process to highly skilledand experienced service providers, minimal internal fixed costs and ahighly flexible structure. This low-burn model has proven successfuland acceptable to industrial partners, and therefore it will belargely retained.

For more information about the company, please visit thecompany's website at www.genodyssee.com

Contact: Jean-Louis Escary, Chief Executive Officer,(+33)-(0)-6-16-41-68-57, escary@genodyssee.com

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Contact:Contact: Jean-Louis Escary, Chief Executive Officer, (+33)-(0)-6-16-41-68-57, escary@genodyssee.com

GenOdyssee SA

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GenOdyssee SA Announces Research Partnership With Baxter AG