3M Health Care Launches Medical Diagnostics Business Products to Focus on Early Detection of Key Microbes to Help Prevent Spread of Infection

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3M Health Care announced today the launch of a new MedicalDiagnostics business unit that will focus on developing andcommercializing rapid diagnostic product solutions for the detectionof key infectious pathogens, including methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other treatment-resistant microbes.

This new business builds on 3M Health Care's leading infectionprevention product portfolio by offering hospitals new rapiddiagnostic tests to detect the presence of potentially destructivemicrobes before they spread and possibly infect patients. 3M MedicalDiagnostics will provide hospitals with rapid, easy-to-use microbialdiagnostic tests that may help improve patient outcomes, reducecosts, reduce the impact of resistant microbes and improve laboratoryprofitability.

"3M Medical Diagnostics is a natural extension of our infectionprevention platform and enables us to offer hospitals a full spectrumof products that detect, prevent and treat infections in the hospitalsetting," said Angela Dillow, PhD, Global Business Manager, 3MMedical Diagnostics. "We see many market trends pointing to the needfor rapid, easy-to-use microbial diagnostics that will aid in theprevention and control of infections in hospitals in the U.S. andabroad."

For example, in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)estimate that approximately 90,000 deaths annually are attributableto hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections.[i] New guidelines wereissued by the CDC in October 2006 outlining strategies to prevent thespread of drug-resistant infections in healthcare settings. Thescreening of patients at high risk for carrying drug-resistantbacteria was recommended for healthcare facilities that do notimprove their healthcare-associated infection (HCAI) rates.

In the U.S., current infection prevention patient screeningactivities include no screening at all, traditional cultures, whichprovide results in 48 hours, or expensive molecular diagnostics. 3Mplans to introduce new rapid diagnostic products that will simplifythe diagnostic testing process and provide more rapid results thantraditional microbiology tests for the detection of key microbes suchas Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA and Influenza A and B.

3M's rapid diagnostic tests, expected in 2007, will allowphysicians to make informed medical decisions on behalf of theirpatients while hospital labs will be able to reduce the amount ofhands-on time conducting these tests, which may lead to reducedhealthcare costs and improved laboratory profitability.

HCAIs remain a persistent challenge for hospitals worldwide. Aprevalence survey conducted under the auspices of the World HealthOrganization (WHO) in 55 hospitals of 14 countries representing 4 WHORegions (Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asia and WesternPacific) showed an average of 8.7 percent of hospital patients hadnosocomial infections. At any time, over 1.4 million people worldwidesuffer from infectious complications acquired in hospitals.[ii]

About 3M Health Care

Since inventing Ioban (TM) incise antimicrobial surgical drapesmore than 30 years ago, 3M has been a worldwide leader in developinghealth care products and services that address infection preventionand control. 3M Health Care, one of 3M's six major business segments,is dedicated to improving the practice, delivery and outcome ofpatient care and is a leading provider of solutions for medical,dental, orthodontic and health information markets. Ioban is atrademark of 3M.

[i] AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control. 33(4):217-226,May 2005


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3M Health Care Launches Medical Diagnostics Business Products to Focus on Early Detection of Key Microbes to Help Prevent Spread of Infection