Progress Report from RVX-208 Phase 1 Clinical Study

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- Resverlogix Sees Early Success and Expedites Phase 2 Plans

TSX Exchange Symbol: RVX Resverlogix is pleased to announcepreliminary data from the RVX-208 Phase 1 safety and pharmacokineticsstudy. Forty healthy volunteers have so far been treated of whichsixteen have received multiple doses. As anticipated from theextensive Investigational New Drug toxicology studies no safety andtolerance problems have been encountered at any of the given doses."The pharmacokinetics (drugability) of RVX-208 has exceeded ourhighest expectations," stated Donald J. McCaffrey, President & CEO ofResverlogix. "We are very confident about the further progress of theRVX-208 clinical program and the eventual successful completion ofPhase 1. The current phase 1 study includes a total of 80 healthy menand women in a study comprising three arms: single dose escalation,food vs. fasted effect on pharmacokinetics and 3 cohorts with 7-daymultiple dosing."

McCaffrey noted, "Due to the successful early trending of ourPhase 1 program we have decided that upon official completion of thetrial, FDA discussions and approval, we will be expediting our plansfor a Phase 2 trial. This could shorten the time to reach our Phase 2trial by several months. In addition, follow on studies incardiovascular disease patients are being discussed with potentialcollaborators. The medical community recognizes that permanentlyincreasing ApoA-I production, plasma HDL and promoting reversecholesterol transport by a small molecule has unprecedented potentialto cure atherosclerosis."

About Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

CVD can be generally defined as any abnormal conditioncharacterized by dysfunction of the heart and blood vessels. CVDincludes atherosclerosis (especially coronary heart disease which canlead to heart attacks), cerebrovascular disease (stroke), andhypertension (high blood pressure). The underlying cause of most CVDis a gradual clogging of the arteries (atherosclerosis) that supplyblood to the heart, brain and other vital organs.

The American Heart Association estimates that almost 80 millionAmerican Adults have one or more types of cardiovascular disease. CVDremains the number one killer of developed nations. Nearly 2400Americans die each day from cardiovascular disease - that is 1 personwill die every 36 seconds.

About Resverlogix Corp.

Resverlogix Corp. is a leading biotechnology company engaged inthe development of novel therapies for important global medicalmarkets with significant unmet needs. The NexVas(TM) program is theCompany's primary focus which is to develop novel small moleculesthat enhance ApoA-I. These vital therapies address the grievousburden of atherosclerosis and other important diseases such as acutecoronary syndrome, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other vasculardisorders. The Company's secondary focus is TGF-Beta Shield(TM), aprogram that aims to address burgeoning grievous diseases, such ascancer and fibrosis. Resverlogix Corp. trades on the Toronto StockExchange (TSX:RVX). For further information please visithttp://www.resverlogix.com.

This news release may contain certain forward-looking statementsthat reflect the current views and/or expectations of ResverlogixCorp. with respect to its performance, business and future events.Such statements are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties andassumptions. Actual results and events may vary significantly. TheTSX Exchange does not accept responsibility for the adequacy oraccuracy of this news release.

Website: http://www.resverlogix.com

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Resverlogix Corp.

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Progress Report from RVX-208 Phase 1 Clinical Study