The Naked Truth Revealed: World Class Photographic Exhibit Captures the Reality Behind Living with Psoriasis

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- Psoriasis Patients from Around the World Come together to BareTheir Skin and Share Their Stories for New Pan-European EducationalProgramme

AMSTERDAM, March 26 /PRNewswire/ --

Psoriasis: The Naked Truth, a new pan-European educationalprogramme to expose the physical and emotional impact of living withpsoriasis, launches today. The centerpiece of the programme is aphoto exhibit that captures the experience of living with psoriasisthrough portrait photography by award winning photographer RalfTooten and features the personal stories of men and women living withthe disease.

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterised by red,scaly, patches of skin.1 People with psoriasis feel stigmatised whichcan lead them to feel isolated, depressed and experience a lowquality of life.2 Sometimes people with psoriasis can suffer for longperiods of time without adequate treatment. In fact, recent researchamong nearly 350 psoriasis patients in Europe found many were onlymoderately satisfied with their current medications. In addition,awareness for newer treatment options was low.3 While psoriasiscannot be cured there are treatments available that can help controlthe disease,1 enabling people with psoriasis to live full livesdespite the disease.

The Exhibition

The Psoriasis: The Naked Truth exhibition features 19 men andwomen from 14 different countries across three continents who allbared their skin and a part of themselves to help others realise thatpsoriasis does not have to dictate your life.

"I was diagnosed with psoriasis from the age of seven, and fromthat point on, the disease ruled my life - my job, my relationships,hobbies, where I went on holiday. But I have faced these challengesand found a treatment that has given me control over my life." saidAstrid Sibbes, an active member of Psoriasis Vereniging Nederland andphoto shoot participant from The Netherlands. "I joined this effortto let people know that psoriasis is more than just a skin disease,that there are treatments that work and to give other people like mehope that it is possible to have a great life, in spite of thecondition."

Renowned photographer and Hasselblad Masters Award winner RalfTooten captured the men and women beneath the disease.

"The challenge for me as a photographer is to get beyond mysubject's skin and to show the person inside," said Ralf Tooten,exhibit photographer. "This was a very special project because I wasphotographing a group of people who have spent a large part of theirlife covering up and being characterised by their skin. These imagescapture their achievements and their defiance. Psoriasis does notdefine them and in these photographs, their spirit shines through."

The Documentary

The photographic exhibition is accompanied by a short documentaryfilm capturing the "behind the scenes" journey of the programmeparticipants and Ralf Tooten. The documentary further contextualisesthe images by delving deeper into the personal stories of four of theparticipating patients.

About psoriasis

Psoriasis affects approximately 5.1 million people acrossEurope,4 a third of which will see the first signs of the conditionbefore the age of 16.5 Thirty to forty percent of patients will alsodevelop psoriatic arthritis, a painful condition where the jointsbecome inflamed.1

Treatments are available that give people with psoriasis theopportunity to experience clearer skin and in turn potentiallyaddress feelings of depression and anxiety over their condition. Itis important for people with psoriasis to discuss the level of impactthe disease is having on their quality of life.

"There are a number of effective treatments available forpsoriasis, from the more traditional creams and ointments which aresuitable for treating mild psoriasis, to the newer biologics whichmay be more appropriate for people with severe disease," saidProfessor Jörg Prinz, the Department of Dermatology at theLudwig-Maximillians University in Munich, Germany. "Whatever thedegree of psoriasis, it is important that psoriasis patients talkwith their dermatologist about the range of treatment optionsavailable to find the best treatment for them."

Following the launch of the exhibition in Amsterdam, thePsoriasis: The Naked Truth exhibit will travel to various locationsthroughout Europe. The exhibit, a behind-the-scenes documentary andinformation about the programme can be viewed athttp://www.psoriasisthenakedtruth.com.

Wyeth created and funded Psoriasis: The Naked Truth.

For more information on the programme, psoriasis and the treatments available, visit http://www.psoriasisthenakedtruth.com


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The Naked Truth Revealed: World Class Photographic Exhibit Captures the Reality Behind Living with Psoriasis