New Partnerships Added to World Federation of Hemophilia Twinning Program

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- Wyeth and Advocacy Community Mark Continued Commitment toPatient Care on World Hemophilia Day

In honor of the twentieth Anniversary of World Hemophilia Day,Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth (NYSE: WYE), together withthe World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH), announce the addition offive new partnerships to the WFH Twinning Program. Begun in 1994, theTwinning Program aims to increase the level of diagnosis and care forpeople with hemophilia by pairing emerging treatment centers andpatient organizations with more established centers and organizationsaround the world. Wyeth has been the sole corporate sponsor of theprogram since 2001, which now includes a total of 31 partnershipsworldwide.

"Wyeth recognizes that effective collaboration between advocacyorganizations and industry can help people with chronic illnessessuch as hemophilia," says Angela Rossetti, Assistant Vice President,and Global Business Manager for Wyeth Hemophilia. "Our continuedsupport of the Twinning Program -- now in its 16th year -- and otheradvocacy initiatives is part of a global collaborative effortdesigned to help patients with hemophilia and their families receiveaccess to better care."

The new Twinning partnerships include the following HemophiliaTreatment Center Twins: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Chapel Hill (NorthCarolina, USA); Dakar (Senegal) and Paris (France); Quito (Ecuador)and Caracas (Venezuela); Manipal (India) and Albuquerque, (NewMexico, USA); Skopje (Macedonia) and Bonn (Germany). For moreinformation on the Twinning Program and to view a video of the Lima(Peru) and Fort Worth (Texas, USA) Twin in action, visit www.wfh.org.

"World Hemophilia Day is an opportunity for all of us in thebleeding disorders community to celebrate our achievements and raiseawareness," said Mark Skinner, WFH president. "The theme of thisyear's World Hemophilia Day, 'Together, we care' embodies our spiritof collaboration to work together to improve care for people withbleeding disorders. We are grateful to Wyeth for its support of ourprograms, especially the Twinning Program, which play a key role inachieving our vision of Treatment for All."


Support of Children's Camping Initiatives

For years, Wyeth has recognized the importance of the summer campexperience to children in the bleeding disorders community. Since1998, Wyeth has been a major sponsor of Barretstown in Ireland -- aninnovative recreational facility -- where children with seriousillnesses, including children with hemophilia, can participate in arange of fun activities that also are designed to promoteself-confidence, independence, trust and coping skills. In additionto its ongoing support, Wyeth works with Barretstown to help runspecial camps for children with hemophilia.

Wyeth is also the founding and exclusive sponsor of NACCHO (NorthAmerican Camping Conference of Hemophilia Organizations). The annualNACCHO conference is dedicated to the sharing of best practices forbleeding disorder summer camps. Through NACCHO, children attendingsummer camp also have the opportunity to participate in Leading Edge:Exploring the Outer Limits, a nationally run adventure program thatfocuses on self-confidence development for youth and adolescents inthe bleeding disorders community. Through its grants to NACCHO, Wyethhas supported 1,000 campers nationally, and 500 campersinternationally.

Wyeth-Sponsored Support Programs

Education and access to care are critical to the health andwell-being of patients with hemophilia. In addition to otherinitiatives that support the bleeding disorders community, Wyethproudly awards scholarships to deserving students who havehemophilia. For the 2008-2009 academic year alone, Wyeth awarded upto US$100,000 to students with bleeding disorders seeking collegiate,graduate and vocational degrees. Wyeth also works to help patientswith hemophilia maintain access to hemophilia therapy. Through itsFactor Resource Program, Wyeth provides services designed to assistpatients experiencing financial hardship or treatment access issues,including the Insurance-Coverage Program and the Patient AssistanceProgram. Individuals can get more information about these programsthrough the Wyeth Hemophilia Hotline (+1-888-999-2349).

Assisting Advocacy Organizations

Wyeth also provides assistance to numerous advocacy organizationsand their initiatives, including:

- WFH's Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) program, a 10-year healthcare development initiative to facilitate earlier and accurate diagnosis and treatment of people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders in developing countries. - National Hemophilia Foundation's Campaign for Our Future, a program designed to provide access to care for all members of the bleeding disorders community. - Hemophilia Federation of America's Helping Hands program, which provides emergency financial assistance for members of the bleeding disorders community. Last year, Wyeth supported 122 families through its grants to the Hemophilia Federation of America. - Coalition for Hemophilia B, an organization that provides information about treatment that will improve the quality of life of patients with hemophilia B. - International Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis, which fosters and advances science relating to the important medical problems of thrombosis and abnormalities of haemostasis and vascular biology.

Wyeth and Hemophilia

Wyeth works to help improve the health of hemophilia patientsthrough education, patient assistance programs and by supportingassociations throughout the world. For more information on Wyeth andhemophilia, visit www.hemophiliavillage.com, a comprehensive sitethat serves as a resource for patients, parents, and caregivers inthe hemophilia community.

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New Partnerships Added to World Federation of Hemophilia Twinning Program