Final Call for Entries to the 'Excellence in Epilepsy' Journalism Award

Brussels (ots/PRNewswire) - The 'Excellence in Epilepsy'Journalism Award - an initiative of the International Bureau forEpilepsy (IBE) and UCB - invites journalists from around the world tosubmit stimulating, informed and compelling news and feature storieson epilepsy.

The award seeks to increase awareness and improve understandingof epilepsy. The closing date for entries and nominations is 30 June,2009.

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Susanne Lund, President of the IBE, commented "The IBE aims tocreate a world where fear and ignorance about epilepsy are replacedby understanding and care. We can only achieve this goal byincreasing awareness of epilepsy - and this need is a pressing one."She continued, "The media plays an important role in challengingstereotypes and sharing accurate information about epilepsy withtheir audiences. I believe that the Excellence in Epilepsy JournalismAward is a major step in encouraging the media to communicateknowledge, data and real life experiences of people with epilepsyaround the world. Through this award journalists can help to combatthe fear and ignorance about epilepsy and improve the lives for thoseliving with the condition."

The 'Excellence in Epilepsy' award is open to consumer andmedical journalists from any country. Entries can be submitted fromprint, broadcast or online outlets and will be judged by anindependent, seven member international panel, comprising:

- Dr Carlos Acevedo, Vice-President of the IBE Latin American Region and Editor, International Epilepsy News - David Josephs, Epilepsy Advocate - Joachim Mueller-Jung, Writer and Journalist, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Dr Mark Porter, GP, Broadcaster and Medical correspondent for The Times - Robert Cole, CEO, Epilepsy Association of South Australia and the Northern Territory - Roger Sergel, Managing Editor, Health coverage, ABC News - Susanne Lund, President, IBE

The panel is tasked with identifying responsible, informed,original and stimulating stories on epilepsy.

David Josephs, journalism award judge and father of ten-year-oldDominic who has epilepsy said; "Epilepsy is a complicated, but commoncondition which affects people in different ways. Our family welcomesthis initiative which strives to put epilepsy in the mainstream andshare understanding about the condition. I hope through this awardstories about epilepsy and the experiences of people like Dominicreceive the attention they deserve. By increasing knowledge andunderstanding of epilepsy we also increase the hope for those livingwith the condition."

The award has three categories; medical print and online,consumer print and online and broadcast. Journalists can eitherdirectly submit their work for the awards or be nominated by a peeror colleague.

"There have been important developments in the treatment andmanagement of epilepsy in recent years, but to truly improve thelives of people living with epilepsy there needs to also be widerunderstanding and knowledge amongst friends, colleagues, classmates,families and caregivers. Reaching such a broad range of people isonly possible through informed and sustained media articles,"commented Dr Lode Dewulf, Vice-President of Global Medical Affairs,CNS, UCB.

"UCB is therefore pleased to work with the IBE on this epilepsyaward initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to fosteringeducation, awareness and understanding about this common conditionand its treatment."

To enter:

Send or email entries and the completed nomination form to:Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism AwardPO Box 64158, London, WC2E 9WRor: excellence@epilepsyja.com

To find out more information or to download an entry ornomination form please visit:http://www.ibe-epilepsy.org/activities/excellence-in-journalism-award

About the IBE

The IBE is an organisation of laypersons and professionalsinterested in the medical and non-medical aspects of epilepsy. TheIBE addresses such social problems as education, employment,insurance, driving licence restrictions and public awareness.http://www.ibe-epilepsy.org

About UCB

UCB, Brussels, Belgium is a biopharmaceutical company dedicatedto the research, development and commercialization of innovativemedicines with a focus on the fields of central nervous system andimmunology disorders. Forward looking statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements based oncurrent plans, estimates and beliefs of management. Such statementsare subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual resultsto be materially different from those that may be implied by suchforward-looking statements contained in this press release. Importantfactors that could result in such differences include: changes ingeneral economic, business and competitive conditions, effects offuture judicial decisions, changes in regulation, exchange ratefluctuations and hiring and retention of its employees.

Further information IBE Ann Little, IBE T +353-1-210-8850, ibedublin@eircom.net UCB Eimear O'Brien, Associate Director, Global CNS Communications UCB T +32-2-559-9271, Eimear.OBrien@ucb.com

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Contact:Further information: IBE, Ann Little, IBE, T +353-1-210-8850, ibedublin@eircom.net; UCB, Eimear O'Brien, Associate Director, GlobalCNS Communications UCB, T +32-2-559-9271, Eimear.OBrien@ucb.com

Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award

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Final Call for Entries to the 'Excellence in Epilepsy' Journalism Award